Antique Vintage Baseball Gloves
 Early Vintage baseball Gloves have become almost extinct. When found they bring Museum prices. Past Time Sports make commemorative Replicas of the great baseball gloves of the early golden years of baseball. 1910, 1920, 1930 , 40 & 50s - The 1920 Victory, “Double Play” and The Victory “Black Jack” , The 1930 "Iron Man" , The Mick" , The 1950 Yogi", The Turn of the Century" model gloves and all our others are exact duplicates of the great pitchers, catchers & fielders gloves of the 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 & 1950 ’s decades. They are hand stitched and handsewn exactly like many of the early gloves were made. Most were smaller than the modern day gloves by far. The fielders of the early years of baseball had to rely more on their hand and eye co-ordination and acrobatic abilities to stab line drives and hot grounders that sizzled through the infields and out fields of ball parks all over the nation. From the back street lots of the small towns of America to the upper decks of the big city stadiums, the simplicity and beauty of the early old baseball gloves of our National Pastime endeared themselves into the hearts of all of America. This old glove is a great gift idea or trophy idea for those who love baseball and its origins and great players of long ago.

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